Skate is creativity

A year after the start of the pandemic, we are still in a semi lock down, streets are half empty so we decide to take a ride with Manuel.

First time we saw Manuel he was sliding on a bench in a Florence’s square during the Skate Day. He was literally flying wearing a fluo big curly wig, his eyes were so hungry and so concentrate on that metal shining bench, so of course we got impressed.

We decided to follow that guy…  

Never Found: Hey Manu how are you?

Manuel Cannatella: I’m fine thanks, maybe a few too many hits and some misadventures at school, but can’t complain (laugh)

NF: How long have you been skating? And how was it the first time?

MC: I started skating far back 2012, well let’s say seriously in 2013, but i got my first “toy board” (laugh) in 2012 yes. I don’t really remember how was it at first, but i almost immediately found the balance and was so fun that i have never stopped since then…

NF: What you mean when you say “for me skate it’s creativity”?

MC: When i say creativity i really mean it, cause for example… doing some trick in a certain way, in a specific spot… it’s like composing. It’s a way of self expression which is transmitted from the mind to the body, it’s all about timing, coordination and power. And it’s not easy at all… sometimes you try to do something new for days over and over, or a combination of tricks in a creative way. 

NF: How did you train during the look down?

MC: I didn’t train at all, till they gave us back to freedom (laugh) than from 4 of may i was training in a square close my house where i have a flat rail, and i was training there with a friend of mine.

NF: You are 18, how do you see skating in the future? Should there be more park, more initiatives?

MC: Mh well it’s not easy to say, but i think skate will be the same for ever… in the artistic and philosophic meaning it will always be faithful to its dna, freedom, creativity and socializing also. Talking about marketing skate it’s been used prominently in the last period from fashion and various trends, so let’s see what will be next (laugh) if trends will be interested in the skate community which is not only raw skate but everythings around it, the culture i mean. Yes there should be more parks, even if they are building up every where skate parks (laugh) and they are also very well done. About initiatives yes, we need much more and much more contest here in italy, to give skaters opportunities to express themselves and to have a visibility.

NF: Favorite music?

MC: Rap definitely, also trap maybe. There’s a lot of shit around but there’s also a lot of good stuff…

NF: Location abroad where you wold love to skate? And in Italy?

MC: Of course Barcellona, i would love to have a trip all around Barcellona cause is the mecca of skateboarding in Europe. Los Angeles, i really would love to try living there, hoping to have the opportunity. In italy i wold love streets of Milan, Rome, Sicily…

NF: Most annoying trick to do? And your best one?

MC: Varial Kick Flip the most annoying definitely, the best one kick flip… i’m pretty perfect in that one its become the bases (laugh).

NF: Your favorite Skater?

MC: Depends also from the period, some times i’m inspired by someone and sometimes by some others. But of course my favorite is Chris Jolsin.

NF: And your favorite video?

MC: Ode to London of course…

NF: What will you search forever? Your “Never Found”

MC: A difficult question! I will search for the perfect wave, not a cement skateable wave (laugh) but a life wave… i will be searching for satisfaction, that hunger for doing something that makes you satisfy, something that you love like skate for me…